Middle Plantation, Virginia Beach, Va.

What’s in a name?  Middle Plantation Virginia Beach, earns its name from the original Middle Plantation in the Virginia Colony, which was established in 1632 and would latter become Williamsburg in 1699

Middle Plantation located in Virginia Beach offers exceptional homes, what many would consider to be fine homes priced in from the 400’s to the high 700’s the median price of homes in Middle Plantation is $605K.  Living space in term of square feet varies from 2,600 to 4,500.  Manny of these homes, like the reset of the area , are on water and have piers or docks to launch your boats from.


The Middle Plantation Civic League

This is not the same as a Home Owners Association. From their website:

 The Middle Plantation Civic League exists to make our community one of the most desirable places to live in Virginia Beach! It represents 437 families in our neighborhood. The Civic League holds four public meetings annually and publishes an annual membership directory. [Middle Plantation Civic League]

The majority of these homes are made of brick construction and have large yards providing privacy from your neighbors.