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Take a drive through Baylake Pines and you’ll notice the street signs, they all have a theme.  Bounty Rd, Sea Chest Rd, John Silver, Ben Gunn.  Baylake Pines is a Lake Joyce, which at one time directly accessed the Chesapeake Bay.  Look at a map of Lake Joyce and towards the West side you’ll see an island, this island is actually man made.  You see, back in the 1800’s a pirate named Blackbeard would capture ships

Blackbeard the priate

in the Chesapeake Bay and bring them to this island.  Today, Lake Joyce no longer connects to the Bay and the Pirates have all since gone, but their legacy remains.
Baylake Pines is a well established neighborhood, with beach access.  Majority of the homes are ranches mixed in with 2 story homes.  While there is not an active Home Owners Association there is a Civic League which, as a homeowner you can join.


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